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Making Social Intelligence work for you as a leader

February 27, 2017


It has always fascinated me how slow people as individuals, or in organisations are to react   and use new information to their own advantage.


In December 2005 I read an article in an Economist publication called “The World in 2006”. The article by Alun Anderson had the interesting title of

“Behind the minds mirror –Discovering the importance of action not words”.


The discovery of mirror neurons in the human brain is what the article is all about. In short, quoting from the article” We now know that if we see someone carry out certain actions, the same parts of our brain are activated “as if” we were doing it ourselves!”


Daniel Goleman’s work on Social Intelligence explores the impact of mirror neurons on our social interactions and relationships. No wonder then that someone like Martin Lindstrom, marketing guru, now applies this new neurological knowledge to advertising, marketing and selling. He calls his book “Buy.Ology”


With all the above mentioned information available to organisations, very few are applying and using it....when the breakthrough discovery of mirror neurons should change dramatically how we interact with people, lead change and sell our products. If indeed mirror neurons allows us to immediately and subconsciously know what others mean and feel by replicating what they do within our brains then; a mood, idea or perception can sweep through any group in what scientists call the phenomenon of “psychological synergy”. This means we not only have the power to influence one another ...but also to create collective mindsets and moods through our behaviour. (The role of Leaders)


From any relationship driven and sales perspective this simply means that the individual involved does not only become an extension of the product, but she can emit and radiate enthusiasm that will change the physiological reaction of the client’s brain! Mirror neurons just begs us to understand and utilise the fact that our facial expressions, authenticity and mood all impacts directly and physiologically on the client...the individual or  salesperson’s mood is subconsciously and immediately transferred to the client! It gives something like a real, warm and authentic smile incredible new meaning and power.


How can we then use this new information and teach our people to work, interact and sell with Social Intelligence?  I believe that the following is the very basic training that can be done:

  • Understanding the role of “Mirror Neurons” in LEADERSHIP.

  • Understanding the role of “ Mirror Neurons” in all RELATIONSHIPS.

  • “Neuroselling”- optimum use of new discoveries about the human brain.

  • Creating “Somatic Markers”. (that is a positive emotional link with a person or brand linked to a previous good experience)

  • The hidden driver of successful sales and relationship building....YOU!

  • Brain-circuit changing enthusiasm.

The current collective depressed mindset and negative view of the markets necessitates you to differentiate yourself and your brand from your competitors. The easiest way to achieve this is by representing your brand and product in an energetic, enthusiastic and positive way. Although it might currently not be fashionable to be positive...a positive mindset will always guarantee better returns for those who use it....and that ,we know now with the discovery of mirror neurons , is a FACT.

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